Singer of the month: Lola Rhodes

I have to thank Twitter because I can find every single day new wonderful artists.
The singer of the month is the Californian beauty Lola Rhodes. I chose her lovely voice because I think that in Summer we all want to hear some fresh and soft sounds during the day. The night is another story.
Her music is the perfect beat to taste on the beach when you are relaxing after a bath in the sea. Or in a lake.

What about her? Lola Rhodes is Lonna Marie and Lonna Marie is Lola Rhodes. Lonna found a new name in a new part of her soul completely dedicated to the music she loves and she makes. But has this name anything to do with Gossip Girl? (Just kidding)
Her music is the product of her travel around the U.S.A., you can hear all the American music tradition in her songs.
Her namesake album has been released few weeks ago and I like every single song. Marina del Rey (named after her workplace) is dreamy, but my favourite one is Blue Bird because you know that I love the sound of the ukulele, it’s irresistible.
Her site is and there you can also by her album “Lola Rhodes“.

Don’t forget to tell me what do you think about this wonderful new American voice! xo


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