Style #12

Happy Sunday! Is this a sunny day also where you live? I love this weather because it's hot but not to hot as in August (where I live is like to stay in a oven in August). Well, I think that the style I chose today is perfect for this time of the year. Jeans are always a perfect choice, also in summer. You can mix them

Style #10

I think that this week's outfit highlights the importance of a foulard in a morning outfit. We all want to be unique, we don't want to be like all the other women around, but it is difficult when you are in your total white day. We all have in spring and summer almost one total white day.

Style #5

Easter is coming. Will you be with your family or with your friends? It will be a weekend of strolls and good feeds. And the outfit? I had a crush with this one. I have a shiver down my spine every time I see it. It is simply perfect. This persimmon look is perfect for spring and also for Easter days.