It’s movie marathon day: food

Don't you think there is a lot of food in recent movies? Brad Pitt eat a lot in every film, then there are a lot of chocolate movies, sex and food movies, problem with food movies... I can go on for days. I love food, a lot; I love to taste it and enjoy it … Continue reading It’s movie marathon day: food


It’s movie marathon day: Christmas Time

It's Christmas time, I smell the snow perfume in the air... and a lot of pollution. But I cover it all with cinnamon! I love to prepare cinnamon raisin rolls. Well, I love to eat them all year long, but cinnamon smell is a bit Christmassy I think. Ok, I'm going off target.

It’s movie marathon day: ice!

I am literally melting. I have two blower fans ten centimeters from my face because I can't breath. It's too hot in these days in Italy: 40°C is too much also for a warm lover like me. So I thought, is the placebo effect valid also for the hot weather? If I see something very cold will I feel a bit better? I'm crazy, am I not?